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Tue, September 18, 2018

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Sky Valley Chronicle Information

August 14, 2011

Skyvalleychronicle.com is the work of a small group of local journalists who realized a need in the market for an entirely new kind of information source and alternative community editorial voice in the Sky Valley.

We are the FIRST and ONLY full service daily newspaper based in the Sky Valley/East Snohomish County area in modern times.

Our primary area of service interest is East Snohomish County (in Washington State) in general and the Sky Valley in particular -- the U.S. Highway 2 corridor between Snohomish, WA on the west boundary and the top of Stevens Pass on the east.

This is an area of 38,000 residents who live, work and play in the valley communities of Snohomish, Monroe, Sultan, Woods Creek, May Creek, Startup, Goldbar, Big Bend, Index, Baring, Skykomish and Stevens Pass.

Our traffic figures show, besides being the most widely read news source based in the Sky Valley, we also have a huge body of readers scattered throughout the greater Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue-Everett Metro and indeed throughout the state where the Chronicle has grown to be one of the most widely read daily papers in Washington State.

We also have a large audience around the U.S.and around the world. The read us from New York to L.A. and Canada to South America. In particular we have big fan bases outside our area in places like the United Kingdom, Australia (G'day mate!) all the Scandanavian countries, China, Japan, many places in South America and even in places you'd never suspect like the Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and others.

By design www.skyvalleychroncile.com does not operate like an old style print newspaper. There are no highly paid media executives, no consultants, no exclusive editor, publisher, straw boss or sales manager, no egos, no stars, no story by lines, no fixed editorial or production positions.

Everyone shares the load and various work positions; one for all and all for one. This is the polar opposite of how a traditional, old line print publication works. For us, it works.

The Sky Valley Chronicle is a pure-play electronic based information system that utilizes proprietary, cutting-edge information management software to do what used to be done with many people, a lot of space and a large overhead in a traditional top-down newspaper hierarchy (many examples of which have been relegated to history since they are no longer around).

This approach is one reason we can offer local area, state and national advertisers extremely low cost ads that cover the entire Sky Valley, the county, the state and beyond.

For advertisers, www.skyvalleychroncile.com is the best thing to come along since sliced bread, peanut butter and baseball.

There is no other media in the region where an advertiser can have it all – dynamic and powerful ad frequency before highly qualified buyers, size of ad, huge exposure to a quality audience (with money to spend) that reads our paper every day and brand building star power for such low cost.

For the same cost that some people spend to send a tiny ad out in a mailer once every 90 days that reaches a paltry 6,000 to 12,000 households (where the ad frequency against target is as low as you can find, 1 time) an advertiser can use the power of the Chronicle to reach thousands and thousands more prospects and far more times (huge ad frequency) in a much larger ad over each and every day of the month.

What’s not to like?


You’ll find that we approach things quite differently compared to most newspapers or newspaper like publications or web sites. We trust you will find that approach a breath of fresh air.

Our aim is to be a forward looking and thinking enterprise. We seek to always do things better tomorrow than we did today. Our goal is to provide you the reader a lively, interesting, and challenging new source of information about your communities and the greater world around you and our advertisers a quality venue with which to promote their businesses to a large, highly literate and involved audience at low cost.

We seek to inform, surprise, amaze and entertain you and make you feel a part of this new Sky Valley/East County/USA information source.

To that end we’d like to hear from you whenever you have a news tip, a new story that needs to be told or an announcement you wish to share with the community.

Information sharing is a two way street. We need your help and input to make the Sky Valley Chronicle as good as it can be. Thank you for joining us. We value you as a reader and advertiser.


General Sky Valley Chronicle contact info:
Phone:            425-791-1471 (for ad sales, general business, news tips)

Email Addresses:      
Ad Sales:            sales@skyvalleychronicle.com
General inquiries:      info@skyvalleychronicle.com
News Tips:            newstip@skyvalleychronicle.com
Announcements:      info@skyvalleychronicle.com
News Releases:      info@skyvalleychronicle.com

There may be times when the volume of email and/or phone calls overwhelms our small staff particularly during holidays and vacations. We respectfully ask for your patience during those times. We will get back to you ASAP.


TO PURCHASE AD SPACE or inquire about advertising: please click on the word ADVERTISING just above our Masthead on front page and you will find the contact directions.

Or you can email your query to sales@skyvalleychronicle.com. Be sure to put the word SALES in subject header of the email. You may contact us by phone at 425-791-1471. Please leave a name and contact number.

TO PLACE LEGAL ANNOUNCEMENT ADS simply click on the LEGAL ADS category on left side of our home page and follow the directions on the next page.

TO SEND A NEWS TIP: email it to newstip@skyvalleychronicle.com and be sure and put the words NEWS TIP in subject header.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: email to info@skyvalleychronicle.com. Be sure and put the wordS LETTER TO EDITOR in the subject header.

TO SUBMIT long form guest editorials, finished feature or news stories or other work you seek to have published in the Sky Valley Chronicle please email it to info@skyvalleychronicle.com.

We will need a legal name, contact phone number and email address for submissions for editorials to be printed. Only your name would be published if you author an editorial, feature or news story that is run in the Sky Valley Chronicle. There are occassions where you can use a nom de plume but we still need the legal info for our files.

At present we do not pay for freelance submissions but will gladly provide a byline on articles and provide you with finished screen shots of the stories for your portfolio.

We welcome submissions from citizen writers and journalists and professional writers and journalists who may not have a current outlet for their work.

TO SEND NEWS RELEASES please email your news release (in a simple text file, no attachments) to newstip@skyvalleychronicle.com and be sure and put the words NEWS RELEASE in subject header.

TO SEND COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS please email your announcement (in a simple text file) to info@skyvalleychronicle.com and be sure and put the word ANNOUNCEMENT in the subject header.

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Sky Valley Chronicle Information


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