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Tue, August 21, 2018

"The #1 Read & Rated Sky Valley News Source
& Only Daily Paper in the Sky Valley!"

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Advertising in the Sky Valley Chronicle is one of the best marketing decisions you'll ever make for your business. Here's just a few reasons why:

1. We reach OVER ONE MILLION young and young-at-heart, well educated, well employed, smart, inquisitive and rabidly loyal readers who have money to spend and want to know about your products and services.

2. Even though we began life as a news publication focused only on East Snohomish County and the gorgeous Sky Valley area of Washington State, in just a few short years - and quite by accident - the Sky Valley Chronicle has developed into one of the most widely read daily newspapers in Washington State. We have hundreds of thousands more readers than some print newspapers in this state that have been in business for 100 years or more. Long ago we surpassed in readership the two old-school print weekly papers that have been in business in this east county area since the Stone Age.

3. The Sky Valley Chronicle is the only true high-frequency, high-reach, high-impact and low cost marketing platform in Washington State. You can pay a lot more money elsewhere to reach the type of people who read us, but why would you want to? The fact is we keep our ad rates artificially below market rates. There is a method and purpose to that madness. Don't tell anyone.

4. The Internet is where the news is. Nobody rushes out to buy a print newspaper anymore to find out what's happening. Your ad is right where all the eyeballs are, be they coming in to read us on their smartphones, tablets, laptops or PC's.

5. Unlike a printed ad coupon mailer that only goes out in the mail once every few months to only a few thousand households (and is expensive) for a lot less money your ad runs in the Chronicle where it can bee seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in color and in the FIRST and ONLY daily newspaper in the Sky Valley and the ONLY publication (newspaper or mailer) in this part of the county that has the readership we do.

6. We provide an eclectic mix of local, regional, national and international news that is unique to our coverage area. People like what we do and keep coming back to see what we'll print next.

Being a truly independent newspaper and not having to answer to a home office in Manhattan or Los Angeles, we can cover stories that mainstream newspapers either refuse to cover or barely cover. We've broken thousands of stories over the years that would have gone unprinted in this area or received scant coverage had it not been for the Chronicle. Our readers know this and they appreciate it.

7. We reach the consumers most advertisers want to reach and impact. 54.15% of our readers are male, 48.85% are female.

~ 27.5% of readers are between 18 and 24 years of age.
~ 33.5% are between 25 and 34
~ 15.5% are between 35 and 44
~ 12.5% are between 45 and 54
~ 5.5% are between 55 and 64
~ 5.5% are 65+

What that boils down to is a lot of employed consumers out there who are reading the Chronicle and buying cars & trucks, homes, appliances, food, clothing, car repairs, sporting goods, vacations, wedding rings, weddings, heating & air conditioning, furniture, rugs, tools, motorcycles and off road recreational vehicles, insurance, toys and clothes for the kids, computers, laptops, smartphones, eating out at restaurants, car stereo systems, continuing education, medical and dental care and so much more.

Contact us for your next ad campaign. 425-791-1471 or via email at: sales@skyvalleychronicle.com

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