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Fri, June 23, 2017

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Author: Svc_admin    ( 16 posts )Posted: Tue, Dec 29  12:21 AM

In early December the Sky Valley Chronicle was advised that local block watchers in Gold Bar and Sultan had been alerted to be on the lookout for suspicious young men going through neighborhoods telling homeowners they want to clean their rugs “for free.”

One Sultan resident who lives on Eagle Ridge in Sultan reports that on November 12th three different young men “each saying they represented Kirby vacuum, wanted to clean my carpets for free. All were on foot with no ID. This was on Perkins Way on Eagle Ridge in Sultan. One individual stated he owned a 2004 GMC Canyon.”

Another Sultan resident reported much the same happened at their home around 8:00 p.m. December 12th adding, “Guy came to our door wanting to come in and clean our carpets we told him no, he kept trying, so we told him that we had a new born sleeping. He became very persistent saying oh well then I can sanitize the carpet for the baby. My husband got annoyed and said no and pretty much shut the door on him.”

Another Sultan resident reported the same thing happened to them in the 800 block of Main Street Sunday December 12 at about 5:00 p.m., “asking to clean our carpets for a food donation by Kirby products.”

A Gold Bar resident advised they “had some young folks trying to talk their way into a house on 17th in Gold Bar so they could clean the carpet. They had a card with a phone number on it of 425-284-XXXX.” (Note: Last four numbers redacted by editor. The phone number given by the Gold Bar resident goes to a non-published land line in Kirkland. It is not known if the phone number has anything to do with the person who came to the door at the Gold Bar residence)

When the Gold Bar resident asked if they had a license to do this they said it was in their van and they would get it adding, “Actually, they went out to their (white) van and left going out on Shelby, back to 17th and onto US 2.”

And also in early December another Sultan resident reported a young man came to the door saying he was selling meat adding, “you know, likes Swan’s meats does.” He was not dressed professionally, did not have any professional looking presentation materials with him and wanted to come inside the home and make his pitch. The homeowner refused and the young man left on foot.

In an icnident that may or maynot be connected to these incidents, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Brand, who serves as Sultan’s police chief under a sheriff’s contract with the city, advised that on Sunday December 13 at about 2:00 p.m. “a male attempted to enter a residence in the 200 Block of Willow. The suspect was scared off by a neighbor who called 911.”

Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Vimpany tried to contact the male suspect in the 800 block of 1st Street but the young man ran into Osprey Park and the deputy lost him in the park.


Both Sultan and Gold Bar have ordinances on the books making it illegal to solicit products or services door to door. Anyone who solicits on your property in those communities is breaking the law.

Whenever there is suspicious activity like door to do sellers in a neighborhood where it is illegal to solicit, homeowners should immediately call 911 and report “suspicious activity” in the neighborhood and give descriptions of both the person or persons involved and any vehicles while memories are fresh.

At times when police follow up and contact the individuals for an interview they discover there is an outstanding warrant for the person, or the person may have recently broken parole and an arrest can be made on the spot.

It can be extremely dangerous for a homeowner to let any stranger, who comes to the door ostensibly selling products, into their home.

Some criminals use the solicitation technique to gain entry to a home for criminal purposes at that moment, sometimes they use the ploy to simply to see if anyone is home and if no one answers the door they may assume there is no one inside the residence and break in at that that time or later.

Sometimes residential burglars use the solicitor trick for basic "recon" to simply gauge the span of time a homeowner may be away from home while at work, in order to use the time window to break in later and leisurely inspect and rob the residence knowing the homeowner will be gone for up to 8 hours or more at work.

Homeowners, particularly women home alone, are advised to never let a stranger come inside the house no matter what they claim to be selling or giving away or taking a survey on.

Homeowners who experience solicitors coming to their doors in Sultan and Gold Bar should call 911 and report it.

Do you have a new block watch incident to report or other suspicious activity going on in your community?

The FASTEST WAY to alert neighbors and friends to this potential danger is to contact the Sky Valley Chronicle. The Chronicle is the FIRST and ONLY news source in the Sky Valley to publish HOT, FRESH LOCAL NEWS 24/7.

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