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Mon, June 25, 2018

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A summer of Sky Valley festivals coming soon
All the details right here

June 29, 2017

Sultan Shindig schedule. CLICK TO OPEN

Sky Valley Chronicle photos of Sultan Shindig. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Seattle Seafair Pirates at Kla Ha Ya Days street parade in Snohomish, WA. Sky Valley Chronicle photo. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Chronicle staff

(MONROE, WA) -- Last year about this time this fine, family oriented publication stated that it was time to, "Get your walkin' and boogie shoes out for a veritable spasm of good times for it is the summer season of community festivals here in the lovely Sky Valley."

And so it is the same this year. What's old is new again, etc., etc. and so forth.

The first festival gig on tap this year is the venerable Sultan Shindig which takes place in lovely downtown Sultan July 7, 8 and 9 just a stone's throw from the historic Sultan river and it's junction with the mighty, untamed Skykomish River right under the Sultan Bridge.

Sultan is but six miles east of Monroe. Look to your left as you cross the Sultan River Bridge driving eastbound on U.S. Highway 2 and there you shall see the action.

It all takes place at River Park at the west end of Main Street. There's carny rides, carny food, live music, a midway, a street fair, a grand parade as well as the always cool classic & custom car show which runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, July 9 and there's a motorcycle show & shine at noon on Saturday, July 9.

See the full schedule of events at upper right.

We are sad to report that this year the Shindig has discontinued our favorite event: the logger bare-knuckle fist fights on Main Street.

Too bad because there's really nothing more exciting than seeing two burly loggers go at it a punchin' and a kickin' and a gougin' each other on Main Street in the mud n' the blood 'n the beer. Now THAT is entertainment!

Just kidding about the fist fights. Wanted to see if you were reading down this far.

Next up is the Kla Ha Ya Days Festival in Snohomish, Washington July 12-16. It's always a hoot n' a holler for the whole family and includes a big carnival at Harvey Field, a kid's fair, a big parade on Saturday July 15 on First Street, a car and motorcycle show, a 5K and 10K run, just bookooo stuff to see and do.

Check out www.klahayadays.com for a complete list of events.

Next up is Gold Dust Days in lovely Gold Bar, Washington July 21-23.

At this festival you got your real gold panning going on (seriously) a very interesting and fun to see up-close Civil War encampment on Highway 2 at Gold Bar - everything is period perfect from the tents, canons and uniforms to side arms and muskets - and there's also live music, handcrafted items for sale, a parade, car show and lots of free fun events for kids.

Can't miss the action. Gold Bar is just down the road, east a few miles on Highway 2 from Sultan.

Then on Saturday August 5th from 10 am to 6 pm (music until 10 pm) it's the Index Arts Festival up in Index, a tiny community that's just off Highway 2 and situated along the Skykomish River.

It's just a few miles up SR 2 (eastbound) from Gold Bar. Follow the signs. They have lots of artsy-craftsy stuff for sale with various vendors selling some really nice hand made goods. Most every year the Sanctified Sisters (backup singers for the Chronicle's house band) buy something there.

It's a nice small village event. You should take the day and go there if you've never been to Index before. It's a very historic town here in the Sky Valley and it's in a gorgeous setting surrounded by mountain peaks.

Then on August 26th it's the Monroe Fair Days Parade in Monroe, which kicks off the 80th annual Evergreen State Fair in the city.

The Fair runs for 12 days from August 24 through Sept. 4 and among the usual fair attractions they've got some big music acts on the Main Stage: Trace Adkins (we saw him in a western movie on tee-vee recently), Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Josh Turner, Kenny Loggins, etc.

For a complete list of events check out: https://www.evergreenfair.org/27/The-Fair.

More to come. And a reminder kids: there might be a test on this stuff later.



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