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Sun, February 25, 2018

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Fox News business host calls Seattle a "Hellhole"
You'll just love this one

July 14, 2017

The oh-so credible (not) Fox "Business" News host named Lisa Kennedy Montgomery. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Chronicle news & opinion

(NATIONAL) -- Oh you shameless, terrible liberals. You've turned Seattle into a "hellhole" says a Fox useless....er...make that "Business" News host named Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

Actually, this nobody in the world of real news called America's fastest growing city - and thee major hot spot in the state where all the good jobs are and a booming economy - a "Socialist hellhole."

Which is fascinating, as the facts suggest just the opposite: that all you whining poopy-pants commie pinko socialist bed wetter liberals know how to grow a booming economy with great paying jobs better than 99.9% of the "red" states in America.

Point of reference: just compare Seattle to the failed, poverty-ridden, no-jobs, Tea Party run, Klan stronghold state of Mississippi. Enough said?

In fact, Seattle is great to the point that people all across America pack up and move to the Emerald City without a gig to go to when they get here just so they can get a foothold into the jobs capitol of the west coast and one of America's most exciting and interesting cities to live in.

Can you visualize anyone wanting to pack up and move to Stinkwater, Mississippi to work for minimum wage flipping burgers?

And it's not just Seattle. Look at those crazy, over-taxed liberal cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. They also have booming economies and are overflowing with good paying jobs.

Now compare that to the miserable, no jobs, high-crime, rundown, rusted out Rust Belt factory cities that just went for Trumpie Sr. (the "commie lover") in the last election.

You know the places: the no-jobs, no money cities and towns where half the population is dying of drug overdoses because the economy is so rotten.

If those voters had a lick of sense they'd look at all those situations and say, "Damn Mable. Maybe we should get us some of them socialist bed wetter liberals to represent our state back in Washington DC so's we could have a future too!"

Anyway, Fox Business tweeted little Lisa's 2-minute goofball rant on Wednesday.

Here's how SeattlePI.com put it quite nicely:

"While the Emerald City has more construction cranes than anyplace else in America, Kennedy chose to decorate her show with a Soviet-style hammer-and-sickle flag superimposed in front of the Seattle skyline...the Fox News channel is normally so slanted that you need to watch it at a 45-degree angle... Nobody has gone so far in the name-calling as Montgomery. Curiously, her on-air diatribe came during the same week that rival cable channel CNBC proclaimed Washington as America's best state in which to do business.

And Seattle is the Evergreen State's chief driving force.

Seattle is, of course, very liberal. Our City Council trashed Christopher Columbus....still 21st century capitalism flourishes in the Puget Sound area. With the fall of the Soviet Union, we are home to the three most prominent forces bent on world dominion -- Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon.

Not in the mind of Montgomery. She took one minute and 50 seconds to trash Seattle, keyed to the City Council's recent vote of a 2.2 percent income tax on the wealthy.

"It's just another example of how progressive laboratories halt progress by inviting the rich to leave, encouraging crime and hurting the poor they so disingenuously claim to help," the former MTV personality said."

Well, there's your answer right there to Fox's notorious lack of credibility in the real world of news: they've got a yahoo, blubbering no-facts-at-hand former MTV rock-jockette being paid to do "business news".

Do you really need another reason to dismiss Fox as the cartoon show of American news?



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