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Tue, January 16, 2018

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In Whatcom County home invaders run into a homeowner with
an AR-15
Result: total failure in the victim selection process

February 17, 2017

Chronicle staff

(FERNDALE, WA.) -- One thing you want to have down pat if you're going to be a productive and successful home invader, is good Intel on your target.

Leave that piece out and it will ruin your entire day.

Take the case of four desperados who thought a Ferndale, Washington area man might be a good takedown prospect.

The suspects ended up with no loot and behind bars.

It was a home invasion robbery west of Ferndale that ended in four arrests Tuesday after the resident in the home opened fire on the desperados with an AR-15 semi-auto rifle, often mistakenly called in the news media an "assault rifle," which it is not.

An assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge - less powerful than typical full-power battle rifle such as a .30-06 Springfield - and a detachable magazine and is "effective" out to 330 yards.

A true assault rifle also has "selective fire" options: selective to either single shot each time the trigger is depressed to "burst" auto fire (such as 3 rounds in rapid succession) to fully automatic fire where the trigger is pulled and multiple rounds keep firing in rapid succession until the trigger is no longer pressed.

Be that as it may, the Bellingham Herald newspaper reported the caper went down like this:

The four armed desperados, all wearing bandannas and masks knocked on a door in the 4900 block of Elder Road about 11 am that day, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office but the desperados found the door was unlocked so they just walked right in.

They come up against the 19-year old resident who got pepper sprayed in the face - which he did not like at all - after which he grabs his AR-15 semi-auto and the site of that boomstick caused the desperados to turn tail and run, after which they jump into a green Honda to make their getaway (with the exception of one guy who ran away instead of getting into the car).

The AR-15 man then cranks off two rounds from the rifle “in an attempt to disable the vehicle,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies found the Honda broken down a short time later about 2 miles northwest from the scene of the crime. It had at least one bullet hole in it.

Minutes later sheriff’s deputies arrested three guys near the car. The newspaper report identified the suspects as Jose Luis Romero Jr., 20, of Bellingham; Ivan Josue Sanchez-Arce, 29, of Burlington; and Benjamin William Morvee, 25, of Ferndale.

They were booked into jail to face a charge of first-degree burglary. Later on deputies find another suspect, identified as Alex Presley Villarreal, 19, of Bellingham “roaming” the area north of the scene of the incident, with clothing and a bicycle that were stolen from another house, according to the sheriff’s office. He was arrested and booked on the same charge along with an additional count of residential burglary.

It was not clear why the men targeted that particular home, according to the sheriff's office.

Find all the gritty details here .

Let this be a lesson kids. Crime does not pay.

You keep up a life of crime and sooner or later you're gonna end up in a place like Soledad as the cellmate of a 250-pund weightlifting lifer who has designs on you being his next prison wife.

Uh-oh. At that point, you'll realize you should have stayed in school Spunky.



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