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Mon, June 25, 2018

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Hey Ladies. If You Get Raped While Away At College And Report It
You'll be pleased to know a gov't agency head says 90% of you are lying

July 14, 2017

Betsy Devos being grilled by Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the Devos confirmation hearing. Warren, in the eyes of many, exposed Devos as having no qualifications to run such an important government agency. Your tax dollars at work. CLICK TO ENLARGE
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(NATIONAL) -- Ladies, you are not going to believe what kind of an upside down and out of touch government agency America's Education Department has become under the failed leadership of the fully unqualified and in way-over-her-head Betsy Devos.

Then again, you might painfully believe it and rue the day (again) that Donald Trump was elected President because Devos is Trump's personal pick for the job as head of the US Dept. of Education.

You remember Devos being grilled by Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the Devos confirmation hearing don't you?

Warren exposed Devos as a wealthy, know-nothing Republican-Trump shill who had no experience or indeed any qualifications to be running such an important government agency.

The ultra-rich Devos had never gone to a public school in her life and neither had her kids. She held no higher learning education credentials and had never worked a responsible 9-to-5 executive job in education in her privileged silver-spoon life.

The Betsy Devos qualification: money

Her qualifications? She donated money to Trump's campaign and she's a big fan (like Trump is) of taking taxpayer money intended for PUBLIC schools - the kind she never attended - and handing it out to "charter" (read that private) schools, the kind she did attend.

But the best from Devos' failed agency is now, when it comes to rape. Take a listen to what one of her bubble-headed employees told the New York Times.

The bubble-head is Candice Jackson, the acting head of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.

Miss Action Jackson told the New York Times that the overwhelming majority of sexual assault investigations do not involve “even an accusation that these accused students overrode the will of a young woman.”

“Rather, the accusations — 90% of them — fall into the category of ‘We were both drunk,’ ‘We broke up,’ and six months later I found myself under a Title IX investigation because she just decided that our last sleeping together was not quite right,’” Jackson said.

After the spit hit the fan following those comments, Action Jackson, according to the New York Times, "Later issued a statement clarifying that the conclusion was based on feedback from cases involving accused students, and even if complaints don’t allege violence, “all sexual harassment and sexual assault must be taken seriously.”

Notice she issued that statement only after the spit hit the fan.

From the Times report again:

"Such comments infuriate advocates for victims and women, who have spent the last six years waging a concerted campaign to educate college administrators, and the public, on students’ rights under the law, and how to combat what some have called “rape culture” on campus.

A 2015 survey commissioned by the Association of American Universities found that more than one in four women at a large group of leading universities said they had been sexually assaulted by force or when they were incapacitated while in college.

“We took for granted the fact that the White House and the Department of Education supported accepting and advancing these rights, and we can’t take that for granted anymore,” said Michele Dauber, a professor at Stanford University Law School. “There is going to be a fight.”

That's right Dauber. Take the fight right to them. Right to them and hard.



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