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Thu, March 23, 2017

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In Monroe Housing Hope Sees To It That Thirteen Families Have A Great Christmas
December 22, 2016

Aerial shots of Monroe Family Village, a Housing Hope project of 47 units of affordable housing completed in October of 2015. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Chronicle staff

(MONROE, WA.) -- Today in Monroe, Housing Hope's team-centered Home Building project hits a sweet high note.

The HH "Monroe Main Street Team" officially wraps up a project that will see 13 families getting new keys to their new homes just in time for Christmas.

Now, how cool is that in a world full of horrid, mind-numbing, faith-destroying and seriously depressing news of late?

Yes Virginia, there is indeed a Santa Claus and his name is Housing Hope.

"This is an emotional day. These families have overcome homelessness or poverty, and for the past 18 months they have spent 30 hours a week building their own homes," says Sara Haner of Housing Hope.

One family will speak during the completion ceremony and they have an amazing story to tell. The husband and wife live currently in an RV with their five kids and they never dreamed they would actually own a home one day.

And yet here this week, thanks to Housing Hope and their own sweat equity, they achieve one major goal of the traditional American dream -- owning the roof under which they sleep.

And that is a fine stroke of business.

The action takes place today starting at noon at the Monroe Main Street town homes located at 1017 West Main Street in Monroe.

At 12:00 noon there will be an open house and tours and at 1:00 pm there will be the key ceremony and a reception.

One more thing

It must be noted that the perspective of this world famous, highly read news publication is this: if you donate to causes that make powerful, life-long lasting improvements in the lives of Americans and their communities - or you would like to do so if you found good reason - you need to look at supporting Housing Hope with your donations.

There's just no way to get around it.

In fact, why not pause right now, right this moment as thee and we experience this powerful psychic connection between newsies and readers who care about what happens in their communities, and pull out that hot smokin' fully loaded plastic-fantastic bank credit card and make a DONATION RIGHT HERE

There. Now didn't that make you feel good? Of course it did. You can thank us later.

You have a nice day now, hear?

About Housing Hope’s Team Home Building Program

Housing Hope's Team Home Building program is based on a United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development program called Mutual Self Help Housing.

This national program has been around since 1976 and has helped more than 50,000 families fulfill their dream of homeownership.

Building groups are comprised of families or individuals who provide sweat equity instead of a down payment. Families are required to work 30 hours a week at their site, and they complete this work on top of their regular jobs and family responsibilities.

Which means these folks are movin' and shakin' to make things happen.

Monroe Family Village

Housing Hope constructed 47 new units of affordable housing on West Main St in Monroe in a project that was fully completed in October 2015.

Ten units are dedicated to serving families transitioning out of homelessness. Monroe Family Village is designed to serve as a regional hub capable of delivering critical social services, including the agency's acclaimed College of hope life-skills training program, for all Housing Hope residents living in the Skykomish Valley cities of Sultan, Monroe and Snohomish. $850,000 in charitable support leveraged an additional $12,073,000 in project funding.



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