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Sun, September 23, 2018

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Index Man Says He's Being Held
Captive In His Hood
By Aggressive, 175-Pound Bull Mastiff

July 23, 2016

Tom's nemesis: the 175-pound canine up close. Photos: courtesy Tom Boullion
Chronicle staff

(INDEX, WA.) -- Long time Mt. Index Riversites resident Tom Boullion says he's concerned these days about what a neighbor's 175-pound, aggressive Bull Mastiff dog might do to his one and only human body should the dog ever get a hold of him.

In a recent posting to Facebook, on Wednesday Boullion wrote: "I can't walk around my property these days. A 175 lb English Bull Mastiff is the reason. He makes sure that I will be his target."

To make his point, Tom posted the video below to Facebook that shows the dog coming at his car in an aggressive manner.

Boullion says, "I gave up leisurely walks months ago. This dog charges my car and my Golden Retriever (Bandon) goes off on him as well."

"Recently my dog (Bandon) had his ear reconstructed from a bite from this dog. $804.00 (all totaled) to drain and stitch back his left ear."

Boullion asks of no one in particular but everyone in general, " What can I do?"

Indeed, what can he do?

Here's some suggestions bro Tom got from his fellow Facebookians:

" Call Snohomish County Animal Control to report this as a potentially dangerous dog & make sure they know you have video."

" If any thing threatens your life you are well within your rights to defend yourself whatever means necessary. Thats the law. Expecially living out in the wilderness. I know yoi dont want to hurt the dogs i get it. So you will need to let the news get ahold of this info."

[Editor's note: The news has indeed got ahold of this, ergo this front page story here in the spiffy Chronicle. We were on this bad boy like stink on Mastiff poop.]

" Bullets are cheap. I have three dogs at home myself but one thing I can't stand is uncontrolled aggressive dogs."

" Make sure you are open carrying while walking around the neighborhood and defend yourself as necessary... it's totally legal to defend yourself against a stray dog if you are not trespassing."

" Pellet guns work good to if you don't want to kill the dog."

"As a pellet gun may seem like a reasonable solution, it's not the correct rout. For one, it would only aggravate a dog that size. Secondly you wouldn't want to be responsible for vet bills. Best corse of action would be to send a registered letter with a copy of the complaint filed with animal control / SCSO to the address. If this doesn't immediately change how they handle the dog, and a situation where you did have to shoot the dog in defense occurred you would have your bases covered. Living where you do, carrying a concealed gun would be a smart move. Your well withing (sic) your means to protect yourself. Just do it in a fashion where SCSO isn't coming to visit you for doing it improperly."

" Have you tried talking to the owners? Sad to say but Mace or soft air gun will slow him down, you can turn your vet bill into their responsibility as their dog did the damage on road vs private property, frusterating and disturbing, I'm sorry."

" Bear spray isn't a bad idea. You can get a big can for a reasonable price at Cabelas or online."

[Editor's note: we've seen bear spray stop a charging, snarling pit bull in its tracks less than two feet from a guy the dog was in full attack mode on. Impressive. Effective range is about 25 feet out from hand of the user (important).

And the stuff comes out in a fast, dense, cone-shaped fog not that wimpy momma's boy tiny narrow stream you see in civilian pepper spray that wouldn't slow down your grandma. The targeted attackee never got so much as a scratch from the pit bull. We don't go in the woods without it now.

Highly recommended as well for women (or men) just out walking/jogging at night in case trouble comes calling from two-legged predators -- assuming it's legal in your jurisdiction for that kind of up close, personal work.]

" HOLY CRAP. That's freaking Cujo!!"

" Thank God you're not on foot! That dog needs to be reported!"

"That's an English Mastiff I've had many notice the wagging tail , I'd throw him a cookie and see what happens just saying."

" Just call the police. Don't shoot him. Pepper spray might even help train him not to do that. Animal control would go to their house. Just show this one video would be enough and show vet bill. That's a Mastiff. Bull Mastiff is smaller and different. I would be afraid someone would shoot or poison my Mastiff if I allowed that. People that allow their dog to do that are just plain irresponsible and should be reported. We have 6 ft chain link and mine would never act like that loose. You have a people problem."

And so there you go kids. All in all, just goes to show that no matter where you go...there you are.

Update 7/24/16: The Chronicle received this email from a nice lady in Gold Bar who wanted to assist Thom since she has owned mastiffs for many years and is quite familiar with the breed. We have forwarded her email to Thom.

"Just read your article about the aggressive mastiff in Index and think I can help. I'm in Gold Bar & have had mastiffs for years. The man who is feeling threatened should not, under any circumstances, harm the dog. This will only escalate the dogs behavior.

There are numerous mastiff rescues that will gladly take this dog and I would be more than happy to transfer the dog myself. Is the owner willing to surrender the dog?

"This dog is doing what he was bred to do - he's protecting his territory. Actual aggression toward people is extremely rare with this breed; it's clear to me that the owner is very inexperienced and irresponsible. He should not own such a powerful breed. Please feel free to provide my email address to the gentleman who feels threatened. I'm happy to assist."



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