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Mon, May 28, 2018

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Just another day of learning at Evergreen State College in Olympia
June 16, 2017

Patriot Prayer man getting doused with Silly String at Evergreen State College in Olympia by people dressed in black and wearing black masks. Photos: YouTube

Chronicle news & opinion

By Rex D. Cain

(OLYMPIA, WA.)  -- It was a curious juxtaposition. While both Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the nation's capitol Thursday were calling for unity and for everyone to ratchet down the ugly political name calling and blame-gaming that has become the norm in America's dysfunctional political system, down in Olympia a lot of folks evidently didn't get the memo on that.

If the following sounds very familiar it's because it is. It's been going on all across the country for some time. Just change the names, date and place of this event and it's the same story over and over across the fruited (and unfruited) plains of this fine nation.

To tell the truth, the entire scenario is getting a bit long in the tooth. 

Is this stuff really news anymore? When man bites dog it's news. But if men are biting dogs every day on the rear end all across the country in the same way, is that news anymore or is it a new American past time? Could dog biting become an amateur sport at The Olympics?

There was a clash of ideas and beliefs yesterday and because we in America no longer have civil discourse about those two things, there was some trouble -- naturally.

At the Evergreen State College campus in Olympia Thursday evening one person was arrested and a couple of cars ended up being damaged (tires slashed) when there was a clash between conservative folks who'd come to the college for a free speech rally and met up with some decidedly non-conservative folks who appeared to have taken umbrage that they were there.

God forbid a conservative should want to hold a rally at the historically "liberal" Evergreen State College, where they used to love free speech. How times have changed.

What you had there on that soggy day in the state capitol was a pro-President Trump group, Patriot Prayer, that went to Evergreen to hold that free speech rally and they were met by folks staging a counter protest organized by a group called Evergreen Anti-Fascist Community Defense Network which is so not conservative.

But since the "Evergreen Anti-Fascist Community Defense Network" is a really long name and because most folks these days gotta be able to read pop-news in about 30 seconds or they wander off to YouTube or PornHub, we shall refer to them henceforth as the EAFCDN.

It makes for a shorter sentence, thus saving you, the reader, some time. See how we at the Chronicle look out for your best interests?

You could show your appreciation by using the big yellow DONATE graphic in the upper left hand corner of the home page. Dig deep bro. Give till it hurts.

At any rate there was lots of name calling and shouting and some of the non-conservative types were seen shooting what appeared to be kids Silly String (from compressed air cans) into the face of one conservative man wearing a yellow bandana and in the general direction of other like minded folks around him.

That activity appeared to be rude and uncalled for.

The man in the yellow bandana looked to be Joey Gibson who organized the Patriot Prayer group. He later said that someone had thrown a can and hit him in the face and that he had tried to shake the hands of some of the EAFCDN's but they did not shake his hand in return, he said.

Interestingly he kept his composure (no matter how much silly string ended up in his face) and did not appear to open (at least on a couple videos we watched) any big can of whoop-ass on any of the string slingers.

We thought that was admirable. We also thought the string-slingers should have apologized to him.

And as is customary at such events, Wash. State Patrol (WSP) troopers showed up fully decked out in riot gear and they looked good in it too; they looked so good they all could have been extras in a movie scene.

To many women (and men as well) there's nothing sexier than a guy with muscles all decked out in black riot gear and ready to crack heads and kick ass at a moment's notice.

The WSP says one guy was arrested for disorderly conduct. At least two cars had their tires slashed following the demonstrations.

But luckily nobody took any rounds from an AK-47 in the face or stepped on a land mine.That was pretty nice.

And so it goes.



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