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Wed, September 26, 2018

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President Trump Has Needlessly Placed Your Life And The Lives Of Every Other American In New And Exponentially Greater Danger
December 06, 2017

President Trump: what he did will have repercussions here at home and in the Middle East for years to come.
Chronicle opinion
By Rex D. Cain

(NATIONAL) -- Would you care to receive some good advice based on current events that will help you live a long, happy and productive life? One that will allow you to keep your head on your shoulders...literally?

Here it is. From this point forward do not travel to any middle eastern country for any reason whatsoever.

Warn your children, other relatives, friends and neighbors against traveling there for business, employment, career advancement, medical reasons or just for fits and giggles.

Wanna be the good, religious American and visit the "Holy Land" before you die?

Rethink that one pal unless you want to up your odds of dying there in a hail of bullets or from a well paced IED or from having your head slowly cut off with a rusty, dull blade - an event that will end up on YouTube - after being kidnapped wearing your blaze-blue Bermuda shorts and the T-shirt that reads "Go Cubs!"

In addition, be extra careful and selective going forward about jumping into any large gathering of people in this country or Europe. Gatherings like the big New Year's Eve celebration in the streets of New York, huge music concerts, sporting events that draw big crowds, big outdoor festivals of all kinds --- things like that because now terrorists have a new reason to double their efforts to take you out at such venues.

In the near and far future, expect more acts of brutal terrorism on American soil.

America's unqualified, erratic, unbelievably ignorant and out of control billionaire President Donald Trump has just needlessly put a new bull's-eye on your face and the face of every other American by his ill-advised and incomprehensible decision to reverse decades of U.S. policy by recognizing a “united Jerusalem" as Israel's capital and shifting the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

That decision, created in the idiot wind of Trump's feeble mind to satisfy a small but lucrative donor base, has just created a new generation of terrorists who will most likely come looking to kill you for decades to come.

That bone-headed decision has re-energized, re-focused and fully pissed off the current world crop of terrorists and to top things off serves as a new, HUGE American-made recruiting poster for future Middle Eastern terrorists and home-grown, self-radicalized terrorists.

And every moderate Muslim in the Arab World we needed on our side to fight terrorism is now rethinking the reasons why they should lift a finger to help us because Donald Trump just gave them all the middle finger.

We have lift off of the powder keg

With this one decision, Trump has ignited (again, needlessly) a new powder keg of problems and future problems in both the Arab world and on US soil.

And who is pleased with Trump's announcement? According to the Washington Post nothing more than, "A small constituency in the United States that genuinely cares about the location of the American embassy in Israel. Evangelicals and a right-wing, pro-Israel lobby."

To that you might add right-wing extremist evangelicals and pro-Israel lobby. The Post published a list of the countries and organizations that warned Trump against such a dumb move. Here it is:

•Saudi Arabia
•Arab League

Aljazeera reported that Trump:

"Will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and direct the state department to begin the lengthy process of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the city, according to senior White House officials.

The announcement, which is expected at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday, comes amid global condemnation of the move. The officials said in a briefing that Trump's expected announcement is "recognition of a reality".

The officials added that moving the embassy "will take years" and Trump will continue to sign the six-month waiver to keep the embassy in Tel Aviv until the relocation process is complete. "

And then, under a sub-head in that story which reads 'Dangerous repercussions," Aljazeera notes that, "Leaders in the Middle East and elsewhere had warned Trump that such a move would have grave implications for the so-called peace process and on regional stability."

Here's a small taste of that:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas : he warned Trump against "the dangerous consequences such a decision would have to the peace process and to the peace, security and stability of the region and of the world."
Jordan's King Abdullah II told Trump: his decision would have "dangerous repercussions on the stability and security of the region."

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, in a statement: warned Trump against "taking measures that would undermine the chances of peace in the Middle East".

Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan: threatened to cut diplomatic ties with Israel if Trump went through with the embassy move. Says that is a "red line for Muslims".

Aljazeera also quotes Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada as saying that a person would have to have been, "Living on another planet for the last few decades to believe that the US was ever an honest broker" (in the Middle East)...what [Trump's move] achieves is truth in advertising...it is a more honest expression of American policy, which is to support Israel unconditionally, including Israel's illegal colonisation and settlement-building in East Jerusalem...this has effectively been US policy for many, many years and Trump is simply coming out and being open about it".

Donald Trump appears to have no idea that the earth has just heaved and shifted and wobbled on its axis...moved in a direction that now creates far more danger for Americans and more instability and problems in the Middle East and at home.

Between this move and a far right wing extremist Congress selling the poor and the middle class in this country down the road with a phony "tax reform" bill that enriches the wealthy and corporations at the expense of poor and middle class working Americans, it should be very clear that voting has consequences and some of them are total disasters waiting to happen.



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