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Sun, September 23, 2018

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Wanted For Assault, Robbery,
Kidnapping in Pierce County

March 09, 2018

Wanted suspect Daniel Ryan White, aka "Danny.” Larger images below.

Chronicle news & expert crime analysis

(PIERCE COUNTY, WA.) – Pierce County Sheriff's detectives could use your assistance in helping to locate the man you see pictured at right.

He is carjacking and assault suspect Daniel Ryan White, aka "Danny," a white male, 23-years old, 6'2" tall, 230 lbs., dark brown hair, hazel eyes, thin mustache.

Detectives say you should consider him armed & dangerous. He is wanted on a felony warrant for Robbery in the 1st degree, Assault in the 2nd degree and Kidnapping in the 1st degree.

The caper

The sheriff’s office says just after 6 am on Tuesday February 27th deputies responded to a 911 call from a man who reported that he had been carjacked at gunpoint by two men and that his girlfriend was still inside the stolen vehicle with the carjackers.

He was, to say the least, freaked.

The victim waved down the arriving deputies in the 26300 block of 86th Ave. East in the Graham, Washington area and told deputies the following:

He said he’d been, “Hanging out in his green Honda Accord with his girlfriend and two men who he knew; he said he was driving northbound on 86th Ave. when one of the men told him to turn down a dirt road at 262nd Street East and then to stop the car.”

He said when he stopped the car the two guys he “knew” get out, both of them whip out handguns and they point those guns at him and order him out of the car. Evidently he did not know the men that well.

They tell him, “If you call the cops we're gonna kill your whole family". He says as he gets out of the car (as he’s told to do) one of the tough guys points a gun at his head. Not a good sign, all things considered.

The desperadoes get back into the rig and drive away with the girlfriend still inside, crying in the back seat. At this stage, things are not looking good for the girlfriend.

He called the cops, the search begins

Despite being told not to call the cops or they’d wipe out his family, the carjacked man had indeed called them and was right there and then providing to deputies the physical descriptions of the carjackers.

Assuming the two gunmen might follow through on the threat if things went sideways, this was indeed a dangerous proposition unfolding, this giving of the descriptions of the bad guys to the law officers.

The victim says he knew one of the suspects only as "Danny." Police later said this Danny fellow was identified as suspect Daniel White.

The vic also told deputies that his car had “tracking software that allowed his mother to access the vehicle's location.”

This was indeed a fortuitous development as mom was contacted and she did indeed activate said software which in turn provided updates to South Sound 911 dispatchers who were then able to direct deputies to the approximate location of the vehicle.

In many cases, such as as this one for instance, software can make your life easier and indeed can actually be instrumental in possibly saving a life. One should never underestimate the potential of good software.

The stolen rig is located

At 6:23 am. with the help of mom’s software, the deputies located the stolen green Honda Accord in the parking lot of a Walgreens store located in the 17600 block of Meridian Ave. East in South Hill.

The rig was empty. No bad guys, no girlfriend. So a deputy drives behind the Walgreens store and lo and behold spots a man and a woman “matching the description of one of the suspects and the kidnapping victim.”

Things are starting to fall into place.

They take the guy into custody at gunpoint. He is 23-years old. A sheriff’s office statement said the suspect gave deputies some vague story about being in the Honda and about what had happened and that “after they fled in the stolen car, they saw the police activity and ditched the car in front of the Walgreens.”

The guy says "Danny" fled the parking lot in a truck. Not clear as to who’s truck it was. The suspect that was not Danny was found, “In possession of a key to the Honda Accord as well as a backpack which contained .38 caliber bullets, a box full of .45 caliber bullets, an unloaded gun magazine and a ballistic vest.”

All items that desperadoes are known to use from time to time.

Then, evidently, this desperado suspect’s nicotine habit kicked into full gear and, “In exchange for a cigarette, the suspect showed the deputies were he dumped a fully loaded snub nosed revolver in the bushes next to the Walgreens store.”

That will most likely prove to be the most expensive cigarette this young man will ever have smoked.

The suspected perpetrator (called perps in the trade) was then booked into the Pierce County Jail for Robbery in the 1st degree, Assault in the 1st degree, Kidnapping in the 1st degree, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the 1st degree.

And there in the jail, he will most likely not be given any more free cigarettes with which to damage his heart and lungs further and also satisfy those edgy nicotine cravings.

What the woman said

The female kidnapping victim told the deputies that the perp suspects had pointed guns at her boyfriend. She says she tried to jump out of the car (an act of bravery on her part for sure considering she could have been drilled full of holes) but one of the suspects slammed the door on her and pointed a gun at her.

Then she says the perp suspect named "Danny" drove off with her in the backseat. It was unclear what plans for the girlfriend “Danny” might have had. It is fair to say she most likely did not think the plans had to do with any good things happening to her in the immediate future.

Deputies worked throughout the day and night on the investigation and were able to identify the “Danny” suspect as Daniel Ryan White AKA "Danny".

As mentioned above in this story, the lawmen say Danny should be considered “armed and dangerous” which means you should probably not get on Danny’s nerves in the slightest should you meet up with him.



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